H. Upmann Legacy

I still need to do much better about updating/reviewing here more frequently. To get back into things, I'm pulling a stick that's been aging in one of my humidors for a couple of years now; I've been curious about it for some time now, so I suppose it's finally time to try it. I've been impressed with bot the Cuban and non-Cuban Upmann cigars, so I'm at least sure I won't be disappointed.

Cigar: H. Upmann Legacy

H Upmann Legacy.jpg

Vitola: Toro (6” x 52)

Price: ~$7.00/stick

Origin: Honduras

Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Body: Medium

Rating (out of 10): 9.1

I'll be honest, the band is not pleasing to my eyes. It features the traditional, somewhat “art-deco” design shared by most Upmann cigar bands, but this one is a dark chocolate brown base with olive green and orange styling, lined with reflective gold along the top and bottom of the band. The foot band shares the same color motif. I don't like it. The colors do not complement each other.

Apart from the displeasing band, there is one tiny little water spot just above the band at the foot. The wrapper is a bit veiny, but otherwise smooth, and a soft, creamed-coffee color.

H Upmann Legacy water spot.jpg

The cigar appears mostly well-constructed, with the exception of some minor damage at the cap; though, this thing's been aging so long, it may not even be a manufacturing issue. It cuts just fine, and shouldn't be an issue smoking.

The barrel smells softly floral, and a bit more strongly of cocoa at the foot. Guess it's time to light and smoke this thing.

First Third:
The cold draw offers up a soft, sweet, almost milk-chocolatey flavor. It's very tasty.

I'm trying something new tonight; lighting with matches. I did get a mostly even light, with very little effort. Initial draws after lighting carry a soft tone of cedar and something light and floral. There's a nice bit of cream on the retrohale.

There's a decent smoke output, and a solid, mottled grey ash column. The burn remains almost perfectly even.

I'm surprised how mild the flavor is, despite a more middling-strength smoke. It'd go nicely with a light or medium roast coffee.

Second Third:
The cap peels up as I roll into the second third. It's threatening to take the wrapper with it,but at east for the moment, I seem to have been able to stem the damage.

There's a faint hint of salt on the finish here, which is quite nice. I'm also loving how soft and silky the smoke is, and how cool.

A little past the half, and so far there's no further issue with the wrapper peeling. Maybe it's not as bad as I thought at first.

Certainly, the flavor is not at all disappointing. Not much change, but it's consistently woody and floral. I quite enjoy it.

The burn is a little wavier now, but nothing requiring any touching up.

Final Third:
A little black pepper spice kicking in at the start of the last third. Not overwhelming. Nicely balanced.

My dogs are being so good and patient waiting for me to finish this review and get back to them. Entirely inconsequential to this review, but I love them for it; they really are the best.

Getting down toward the end. Still primarily cedar with a soft floral undertone, and a nice salt-and-pepper finish. Consistent, with the most subtle and nuanced of shifts in flavor throughout. And it never did come apart like I was afraid it might.

Closing Thoughts:
Apart from some minor construction issues, this was lovely smoke; I almost wish I'd tried it sooner (not that I haven't had more than enough other cigars to smoke). The less-than-appealing appearance of this smooth cigar belies its wonderful flavor, and it's one I'd love to smoke again and again; though I'd probably enjoy it as a morning smoke rather than an evening one. And were I to smoke it again in the future, I might go for a smaller vitola, like, say, a robusto. The flavor is great, but a little too consistent for such a long smoking experience. Overall, though, very, very pleasing.