MBombay Corojo Oscuro

Tonight I'm very excited to get to try a cigar that's been teasing me for months on Instagram, a cigar I couldn't seem to find anywhere online or in stores, until I finally came across it at Tobaccos of Hawaii's location over on Atkinson Drive (across the street from the Convention Center, for my readers in Honolulu!). It's a MBombay Corojo Oscuro, and I'm finally going to get to smoke it, instead of just look at it on IG. MBombay Cigars honor the MBombay Tobak's owner, Mel Shah, who got into the cigar industry after retiring from the IT industry, opening up a cigar and wine shop in Palm Springs, California, in 2001. MBombay Tobak is still new and small (as compared with long-standing giants like Fuente, R&J, etc), and therefore tougher to get my hands on, but hopefully well worth it.

Mr. Shah works to make his products very different from the rest of the market, which is easily seen in the unique bands, the shipment in jars vice boxes, or the inclusion of Peruvian tobacco in every blend (Mr. Shah compares this to adding a “pinch of salt” to culinary dishes).

In the event you haven't read anything I've written above, I'll say it again: I can't wait to finally give this cigar a try!

Cigar: MBombay Corojo Oscuro

Vitola: Toro (6” x 60)

Price: $16/stick

Origin: Costa Rica

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo Oscuro
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Dominican
Body: Medium-Full

Rating (out of 10): 8.7

The band on this pays tribute to Shah's Indian heritage, which immediately makes it stand right out in a field dominated by Latin American brands. The wrapper is a rich, reddish brown, lightly veined with invisible seams. There's a light sheen of oil, which is harder to see visually, but feels fantastic on the fingertips.

Construction is close to perfect, with just a tiny little pin-sized hole about a half-inch up from the foot. The cap is flawless,

The length of the barrel smells strongly of leather and cedar, with a rich, dark chocolate aroma at the foot.

First Third:
I will never, ever stop praising the Xikar XO cigar cutter. Expensive as hell, but I get a perfect cut every single time with this thing, and it's absolutely beautiful, to boot.

But that's a side note. Cold draw gives me some rich, sweet chocolate, peanut, and something like a sweet bell pepper. It absolutely comes across immediately as being unique.

Initial post-light flavors are woody and nutty, with chocolate undertones.

There's a gorgeous amount of smoke output from this. I love having plenty of smoke to gaze into as I smoke.

There's some nice, creamy chocolate in there, which along with the nutty flavor is similar (but not quite identical) to a nice Nutella flavor.

Some real sweet berry hiding in the back, too. Cherry? And a nice, soft-but-distinct salt and pepper finish.

Burn is a little bit wavy, but even overall. The ash is a column of medium gray, and seems mostly solid.

Some notes of smoky cedar coming in strong.

Nice, chewy, medium to full bodied smoke. I'm captivated by this cigar. I'm not even halfway through the first third, and already wanting to go back to Tobaccos of Hawaii and grab more of these. It's absolutely delicious.

Some coffee on the aftertaste now. I can see why so many of the photos of this thing I saw on Instagram featured coffee pretty heavily; these would probably pair best with coffee vice alcohol.

Just before the second third, I started to get an inward burn, and had to give a quick touchup to keep the wrapper burning.

Second Third:
Definite coffee flavor coming through in the second third, witch plenty of cream.

There's that cedar again, with salt and pepper on the finish.

Undertones of sweet Maraschino cherry near the half.

Had to touch up the burn to keep it even just past halfway.

Final Third:
The burn's starting to struggle as we continue. Another touchup to start off the last third, but the flavor is still fantastic, and complex.

Some damage to the wrapper when it comes time to remove the band, but it doesn't tear through to the binder, so it should be okay. Just a bit more glue than was probably needed.
It looks like I've hit on most of the flavors that come through on this stick, and they're all rolling in and out of each other beautifully. It's a complex mosaic of flavors, like the mosaic pattern on the band. Complex, and beautiful.

Okay, maybe not. Some nice cinnamon spice towards the end, giving this thing a nice, spicy end.

Closing Thoughts:
Ultimately, this one ended up taking some pretty serious hits later into the cigar as the burn became more and more uneven, but it still scores quite high, and I would certainly love to get my hands on more of these.

I get kind of a unique feeling of satisfaction when I get to try out hard-to-get or unusual cigars (by “unusual,” I mean, unusual in shape and/or size); I'd been searching for MBombay Cigars for quite some time, so this was a real treat!