Cohiba Siglo VI

Just got registered to step things up a notch, and I'm working on a certification process through Tobacconist University to become a Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT)! I'm pretty excited, and I figured I couldn't just get registered and not get a review done the same day, so I'm goingto be hitting another one of Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 of 2016; #19, the (Cuban) Cohiba Siglo VI.

Cigar: Cohiba Siglo VI

Vitola: 5 7/8” x 52

Price: UNK (gift)

Origin: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Filler: Cuban
Body: Medium

Rating (out of 10): 9.6

This cigar is the hallmark of Cuban beauty. Nice, smooth, golden-brown wrapper, invisible seams, nice and oily, with the classic Cohiba band (true Cohiba bands are fantastically beautiful, and there are lots of very minute details to look for to ensure they're the real thing, and not counterfeits; but that's a subject I'll have to cover in my blog section another time). There's a perfect triple cap, which I'm going to cut with my scissor cutter, out of a desire to get as much flavor from this thing as I can; it's been a good minute since my last Cohiba.

The cut was as perfect as the cigar is. No tears, no cracks, no soft spots... it does feel pretty ightly packed in the first third, so it will certainly be interesting to see how much it opens up or changes in flavor beyond that point.

The aroma along the barrel is strong and cedary, and at the foot (usually the bolder aroma), smells softer and more earthy, like chocolate and a bit of musk.

First Third:
The cold draw is quite firm, something I've come to expect from Cohiba, after acquiring several Siglo Vs in Singapore (alas, they're gone now). It tastes quite sweet and creamy, like cedar and cashew. After lighting, the draw opens only very slightly. The profile instantly becomes primarily cream and cedar. There's a very subtle hint of white pepper on the finish.

This draw, though... I'm really having to work for this smoke. Cohibas tend to be what I call “chewies;” that is, cigars that you basically have to chew on to draw through. But when you do get a good pull, that creamy flavor is just... fantastic. And the aroma... just exudes “fine cigar.” Perfect cedar and tobacco scent.

I feel like I'm picking up a very slight hit of dried cherry... but I'm not entirely certain. In any case, there's a very sweet, somewhat chocolatey aftertaste that lingers in the cheeks.

The ash is forming quite nicely, whiter than nearly any Cuban cigar I've ever experienced, and holding together quite firmly. The burn is keeping nice and even, too. After several recent cigars requiring multiple re-touches, it's nice to not have to worry.

Second Third:
The ash dropped shortly before the second third, where, as I expected, the draw is a bit more open. The burn is just slightly less even now, but still keeping it together pretty well.
The flavor doesn't change drastically (if it ain't broke...), but does become just slightly sweeter. I'm still getting faint hits of what I think is dried cherry. I'm just going to stick with my taste buds here, and say it's in there. Trying its best to hide, though.

Final Third:
Moving into the final third, it came time to remove the wrapper. Unfortunately, a sizeable bit of wrapper leaf came off with it, but, on the plus side, the binder was not exposed. On the other hand, the burn has evened out again, with no assistance needed from touchups.

The finish here takes on a distinct note of coffee, which blends nicely with the creamy, chocolate aftertaste. That dried cherry taste is much more prevalent here, too, piggybacking on the creaminess of the flavor profile.

Closing Thoughts:
Finishing this cigar was a little bittersweet; on the one hand, it was every bit as enjoyable as I expected. It does, after all, carry the Cohiba brand name, and I have never smoked a Cohiba I didn't love. On the other hand, who the hell knows how long it will be before I get to enjoy another?