Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Well, crap. It's been more than a month since I've done a review. I've been pretty busy, and smoking a lot less. Not that I'm trying to cut back, I've just had a lot on my plate recently. 32 years old, and only recently got my driver's license for the first time... worked evenings for a month... life just came at me pretty hard, and updates here took a back seat. But I'm back, at least for the moment, and jumping right back in.

To be completely honest, though, I don't yet know what I'm reviewing tonight. I decided I needed to get back to this before I picked anything out, so I've already started typing, with no cigar in hand.

Took a look through my humidors (which are filled to capacity again, I'm going to have to buy another very soon!), and, it turns out, I've got a few Cubans that were gifted to me still lying around. Ramon Allones Specially Selected robustos were Cigar Aficioado's #2 Cigar of the Year in 2015, and I've always enjoyed them. I suppose I out to put them to the test now and review them, since they're one of my favorite Cuban brands, one which, in my opinion, is pretty underrated.

Cigar: Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Ramon Allones Specially Selected.jpg

Vitola: Robusto (4 7/8” x 50)

Price: Unknown (not available in United States)

Origin: Cuba

Wrapper: Cuba
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Body: Medium-Full

Rating (out of 10): 9.2

The wrapper is pretty rugged, with plenty of veins, slightly toothy, and gleaming with oil. It has a very slight reddish hue to its medium-brown shade. The red, brown, and gold band features the name Ramon Allones and a gold crest, and complements the hue of the wrapper quite nicely.

Great work on the construction of this stick. There's some slight give under the fingers, but it's not too soft. Neatly capped, too, with kind of a flat top. I think this one calls for a punch-cut.

Going to shamelessly plug Xikar again, because their cutters are on point. Whether I'm using my punch of my XO guillotine, I get a perfect cut every time.

The barrel is nice and earthy, with a smooth blend of cedar and leather aromas. The foot adds a fruity scent, with a hint of compost.

First Third:
I got a little excited, and lit up before taking a cold draw on this one. But I immediately get hints of coffee, cedar, and something citrusy underneath.

Flavor is staying pretty consistent through the first third, but there's something sweet in there, wanting to make itself known. Something like marshmallow.

Couple of touchups so far to keep the burn even.

Second Third:
A hint more of that marshmallow is coming through in the second third, along with a more prominent cedar tone, and the faintest hint of salt and pepper on the finish.

Still needing to touch up the burn here and there.

Smooth, silky smoke, though. Fantastic note of baking spices on the retrohale, too.

Final Third:
The burn seems to have evened out by the final third, but I'm keeping an eye on it, since it's bee finnicky this whole time. Much bolder, dark coffee flavor here, with a bit of charred cedar and a hint of marshmallow sweetness.

The draw tightens a little in the last third, but it's easily solved with a gentle squeeze near the shoulder.

Closing Thoughts:
When I was first given these sticks, I don't remember them being as tasty as they were tonight; might be they do a little better with a little bit of time. These have only been sitting for a couple of months, so they don't need to sit for too long, it seems. But if you get your hands on any and don't mind waiting, maybe let em hang out a bit before lighting up. I'm certainly a little curious now what a couple more months will do for my remaining stash.