Been A While With No Reviews... Here's Why

So, I haven't been getting to reviews lately. Haven't been smoking nearly at all, actually. There's a good reason, though. I recently adopted a 7-month old chihuahua mix named Quark, and the little guy has been keeping me pretty busy. It's been pretty difficult to pull myself away long enough to sit and smoke a cigar and put together a review.


Still working on training him and getting him used to his new home, but he's adjusting faster than I expected, and he's amazingly bright and well-behaved. Super-brave, too. He loves meeting people and other dogs, and gets right in there to play, even when the other dog is nearly ten times heavier than he is.


The little guy has really changed my whole world, and I love the hell out of him, but the downside for you, my readers, is that I get to post reviews here a lot less frequently now. But I have plenty still to get to, when I find (or make) time! 


I am quite excited to try out some of the Fuente Opus X blends I snagged on Black Friday at Tobaccos of Hawaii, my go-to tobacconists here on-island; and my monthly sampler from Thompson should arrive by Monday, so maybe there'll be something interesting in there, too. And if I can find any somewhere, I'd like to get my hands on some Alec Bradley Fine and Rares from 2017!


Obviously, my mind is still always on cigars, even if I'm not able to smoke as many or as frequently lately. But I'm not gone!